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The Syrian War Bluff

Millions of pounds and thousands of lives have been spent in the Syrian war. The Americans have been screwing around in the area far too long, with Obama making repeated threats to put “boots on the ground.” The world knows he is all bluff, and most non-Americans consider him to be a supporter of Muslim civil war, supplying arms first to one side of the conflict and then to the other. His renowned referral to ISIS as “the JV team” only furthers the lack of respect in his threat assessment skills, while other countries, such as Russia and France, are pushed to the front lines of the advancing assault of ideals and culture.

The US stepped up air attack against the terrorist group – a term Obama refuses to use in connection with ISIS – with as many as 56 attack in just one week. However, American military pilots are now going against their Commander in Chief and revealing shocking ROE, or Rules of Engagement, that render many of their attacks harmless.

Russia, on the other hand, has stepped up attacks on ISIS and Syrian targets. First came the attack on a Russian airliner, resulting in the deaths of 224 people. And now, Turkey has stepped into the fray by shooting down a Russian fighter jet that had the audacity to fly across a corner of their airspace. To further the outrage and human toll, they reportedly slaughtered the crew members as they parachuted to earth. Reports are that now, despite its denial, Russia has ground troops in Syria.


Predictably, Obama sided with the Turks. So far, out of the long list of allies to the United States, these are only “allies” he has recognized.

Now, Muslim extremists have attacked France. France’s response is to be expected, with air strikes against their enemies.

And, all along, Obama says that he is going to send ground troops to Syria. This type of policy shift would prove suicidal for his political party in the US. He campaigned and gained election by promising to withdraw American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and by promising to close Gitmo, the notorious prisoner of war camp located in Cuba. When he sent troops back into the war zone, it cost hundreds of liberal politicians their political careers, with conservatives taking control in many of the local, state, and national elections during the next cycle. There is no possibility that he will send ground troops to Syria, where the US has no national interest at all. And, at this point, who needs them?



The US administration has forced the resignation of most of the experienced military leaders and pared down its own forces. A majority of Americans even think their president had the famous Seal Team 6 killed in a helicopter wreck, after taking down Bin Laden. The American ROE precludes any real help they might offer on the ground, just as it does from air support.

In the meantime, the Syrian war continues, costing money and lives.